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Updated: Jan 24, 2008 by jperson
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Release Notes

Improvements for This Release

Support for Visual Studio 2008

This version of the toolbox manager adds support for Visual Studio 2008 and has been rewritten to be easier to maintain moving forward. The command-line syntax now requires additional switches in order to target a specific version of Visual Studio. If the utility finds that a version of VS is targeted, but it is not actually installed, installation or uninstallation tasks will be gracefully skipped since there's nothing to do.

Rewritten Architecture

The original utility was thrown together quickly in order to make a release date. As a result, little thought was given to its architecture and maintainability. For this release, the utility has been rewritten into several classes to make it easier to maintain and easier to evolve once additional versions of Visual Studio are released.
This class serves as the static entry point for the utility. Command-line arguments are processed and an Installer object is created to handle installation tasks. If no arguments are specified, a message box is displayed to explain how the utility is used.
This class represents a single installation or uninstallation task. Information about the assembly being installed, the name of the project template to use, and the name of the toolbox tab, are stored here. The Execute method will perform either an installation or uninstallation. If multiple versions of Visual Studio are targeted, private Install or Uninstall methods are executed against each instance of Visual Studio.
This class represents the actual install and uninstall functionality. Once an instance is created, Task objects are added to the Tasks property of this class. Once all tasks are added, the Execute method is called to perform all tasks.
This form will display progress as the toolbox is modified. Since it takes several seconds to launch devenv.exe, a progress bar is shown to convince the user that something is actually happening. This form will only be shown if the /silent command-line switch has not been specified.